Thursday, January 31, 2013

Weekly Update 2/1/13

Weekly Update
This week's bloggers:  Rocco, Paul, Tyler, Emilia, Cassy, Michael K, and Michael P.

Math Ratio Experiment
When we did a math ratio experiment where we tossed 10 pennies and recorded the results. Cecelia said that she learned that she could toss pennies anywhere, and it wouldn't matter, she would still get the same results.   There is always a 50:50 chance but the individual results can vary.

Second Step in Advisory
We are doing a program called Second step to help everyone learn to get along better.  On Thursday we did skits about how to react assertively to a problem that can test your patience. We're all learning how to not be aggressive or passive.  
In this video Cassy is reading the scenario, Owen & Tyler are coaching Emilia by giving her suggestions, and Emilia is using their advice to practice talking to a friend assertively.

Social Studies:  More Ancient Egypt Projects
We finished presenting our Egypt projects this week, and here are some more great ones!

Tyler's Garageband movie about Hatshepsut

Devin's stop-action movie about Egyptian gods & goddesses

Emma's Egyptian royal women poster
She talked how royal woman were close to gods.

Lorie's felucca, complete with crocodiles in the Nile!

Kayce's women of Egypt poster, with facts on a pyramid

Henry's Nile Slideshow about the geography of the Nile River Valley.

                                                              Carol's hieroglyphics poster
                                  The Egyptian hieroglyphs have been used for over 3,0000 years!

 Om's Egyptian god presentation about Ra.  
The most interesting thing Om shared was that Ra rode in a sun boat.

 Claire's Akila's Diary (Claire researched and wrote diary entries for  a modern-day Egyptian girl.)

Alex's hieroglyph tablet:  translation:  "Scribes made journals of daily life."

Nathan's Egyptian god Re (or Ra) presentation.  Nathan shared that Egyptians believed that the weather was decided when Apep and Ra fought.

Rocco and Nathan's pyramids
Rocco made his out of sugar cubes & brown sugar, and Nathan's is made out of cardboard.
The most interesting thing Rocco learned was that each brick weighed 2.5 tons.

Owen's sphinx presentation.  The most interesting thing Owen learned was that people believed the sphinx was the god Anubis.

Rhea's Book of the Dead

∑igma Celebrations!
Emma with her Chinese New Year dragon to decorate Mrs. Hsu's room.

Tyler did a magic trick during team celebration time.  Paul was his assistant, and they baffled the crowd together!


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