Friday, February 8, 2013

Weekly Update 2/8/13

Weekly Update 2/8/13

Bloggers: Carol, Trey, Matt and Cecelia

Kraft Project Update:
This week we finished presenting our Kraft packaging ideas to the team.  We got lots of good feedback and suggestions from the rest of the class.  Next we are starting to make our prototypes.  We are trying to make them as realistic as we can using materials that we have.  Once we have our prototypes ready we will start writing scripts for our commercials.  Check back to see our prototypes and our progress!

Matt, Carol, Morgan, Cassie, and Jackie
They are making a s'mores kit that people can take camping.

The Jell-O group is creating portable Jell-O tubes.
Rocco, Cecelia, Claire, and Lorie
Jell-O and Cool Whip in two neighboring tubes =).

Taco Bell Dinner Group
Ben, Owen, William, and Jack B. are planning to make their box in the shape of a taco, and they also want to add some taco toppings like cheese and sour cream to the dinners.

Capri- Sun's new idea is to make a barrel to serve at an event.
Michael B., Connor, and Emilia

Nathan H, Tyler, Sean, and Alex Y
They are making Cool Whip squeezables with tips to decorate desserts.  
They are also including different recipes.

The Lunchables group is trying to get rubber around the package so the food is protected.  They are also designing some other new ideas.  
Michael K, Rhea, and Henry

The Mac and Cheese group wants to have the noodle shape for their package.  They will also have markings for different serving sizes.
Annie, Patrycja, Trey, and OM

Kraft String Cheese 
Emma, Isabel, Colin and Paul
They are trying to redesign the packaging to be easier to open the string cheese using pockets. 

Jell-O Pudding 
Keatyn, Charlie, Michael P, Veronica and Kayce
They are going to make the package a bigger box for bigger portions, and they are going to add a ziploc and recipes.

Alex S. drew this picture of the new Kraft Singles design.

The Kraft Singles group (Alex S, Nathan W, Jack S, Devin) is making the plastic around each slice easier to see and open.  They are also adding a ziploc to keep the cheese fresh and are designing a pop-up box so that it's easier to get a new slice of cheese.

∑igma Celebrations!

February T-Wolves of the Month
Congratulations to Kayce!  She received the newly designed T-Wolf of the Month t-shirt.

Michael P. with his T-Wolf Pride shirt.  Way to go, Michael!

All the T-Wolves that won in Sigma earlier in the year all got the T-Wolf Pride shirt!!

Michael P. visited Mrs. Ziegenfuss, Mrs. Geisel, Mrs. Dunn, Mrs. Schuh, and Mrs. Hallmark during lunch and taught them keyboard tips and tricks for their new MacBook Pros.  They were grateful for his help!  Here he is helping Mrs. Geisel adjust her trackpad.

The winning new banners from each grade to stop bullying, be responsible, and show Paw Pride are now hanging in the commons.  Each grade voted on their favorite design and they were made into huge banners.  The sixth grade design is in the middle.


  1. I love the questions on the tocobell perzentaion.

  2. I like the banner thing. I didn't see it today
    -Alex S

  3. Keep it up! This is especially directed to those T-wolf winners. Those T-shirts are to remind you that you were doing good and that you shouldn't quit. And all you Kraft people, I am liking the ideas and innovative thinking. Well, this is Cassy, telling you to have a good end of the quarter.

  4. Nice great blog again guys. Hope you enjoyed it. Also, nice picture on the front.

  5. Nice blog! Congrats to Michael and Kayce for T-Wolf. Great week!
    Carol H.

  6. Wow it looks great like it always does

  7. Great Blog this week! I love all the kraft presentation pictures! :)

  8. I love the cool whip decorating tips! I can never seem to manage that without making an enormous mess of myself.

    Mrs. Beaton

  9. All of the new ideas for kraft are very creative. I think that the bloggers did a wonderful jod.

  10. Great job, as usual! Congrats, paw pride winners, and GO SIGMA!