Friday, January 11, 2013

Weekly Update 1/11/13

Weekly Update 1/11/13
This week's bloggers riding in a felucca (Egyptian boat) with some "ancient" Egyptian artifacts:
Colin, Alex S., Jack S, and Emma
(Connor helped blog, too.)

Social Studies:  Ancient Egypt
We made a basic form of Egypt's geography.  Here we are creating the geography of Ancient Egypt, including the Nile River, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, and Arabian, Libyan, and Nubian deserts, using our bodies.  Then we decided which was the best place to settle during this time.  We all agreed that we would have wanted to live near the fertile Nile River Valley.

Period 2

Period 3

Period 3 settling along the Nile.

Next our social studies classes took a field trip to Egypt. We sailed down the Nile River with our very own tour guide! We visited the Great Pyramid of Giza! We also sent a postcard to someone back home and told a fact about our trip! We barely got back in time for fourth period. :)

Science: Molecule Models
In science we got to make models of molecules using gumdrops! Some were simple little ones while others were hard and complex. It was hard not to eat the gumdrops but we made it through! We even made a model of the element table salt.

Alex Y & Colin's models

Math:  Graphing
In math class this week we made graphs. This is a picture of the graph of the height of the girls and boys in the 4-5 period class.  We recorded all the heights and found the mean, median, and mode of the students' heights.

We each collected data about all of our classmates to make our own graphs.  
Alex S. collected data about ages.  Below are his recorded data and the graph he made. 

∑igma Celebrations! 
Sean was in the GeoBee and he was awesome!

For his science in the news Charlie made a Lego stop motion movie. Stop motion movies are movies made with pictures all put together. When each picture goes by very fast it looks like objects or figures are moving. In each picture you move the moving object very slightly and when they're all put together  the objects seem to move.  But he did it like a boss.  Kudos to Charlie!

Charlie's awesome movie!


  1. Loved to live see your journey to Egypt!
    Sounds like a wonderful trip!
    Great job Sigma Team! Always so fun to read
    what you have been learning.
    Rachel Moran
    Michael Petzold's Mom

  2. Another fantastic blog. What clever and creative ideas. Well done Sigma Team. Your blog continues to be a highlight of our family's week!
    ~Mrs. Ronzio

  3. I liked Charlie's stop motion videos. Cool beans, Charles.


    I hope everyone prepared for Martin Luther King Jr. day! I can't wait.
    Sad he died...

  4. Great job on the blog! The felucca was cool!

  5. LOVED the picture of the bloggers. Charlies video was cool. Nice job ~Patrycja

  6. The bloggers this week are awesome
    -Alex S

  7. Great job guys on the blog. loved it. I also liked the movies.

  8. I really liked how you showed the different kinds of kraft that the kids are doing.
    -Emilia G

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  10. I loved the stop-motion animation video!-Cecelia

  11. NIce Post guys I love the pictures from the molecule model.!

    ~Michael P.

  12. Great Lego Video!!! Love the swimming part