Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weekly Update 1/18/13

Weekly Update 1/18/13
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Nathan W, Jack B, Alex Y,
Veronica, & Kayce

We love Veronica and Kayce's heart! ♥

LA:  Maniac Magee
In LA, we have started reading aloud and independently Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli. The book started out sad but as we got more into the book, it came to be kind of funny! In the book a boy named Jeffery "Maniac" Magee lives with his aunt and uncle because his parents died when he was three years old. He then runs away and actually ends up running for a year!!! We think that the book is very detailed and we can't wait to read more! :)

Social Studies:  Daily Life of Ancient Egyptians
In social studies we learned about the Ancient Egyptian Social Pyramid. We learned that the slaves and peasents were at the bottom, artisans were next, scribes were after, then priests, government officials, and the at the top was the pharaoh. To do a simulation we each got assigned one of these groups on the pyramid and are now making skits to teach the rest of the class about the daily life of each group.   Below are the first skits:  the government officials.

Period 2 government officials after their banquet

Period 3 government officials at their banquet

Science:  Smell Unit
We smelled cotton balls with different scents on them.  We smelled them with our eyes closed, our ears plugged, or both.  We learned that when you smell with your eyes closed you picture the scent in your mind, but it's harder to identify a smell with your ears plugged.  We learned that you need more of your senses than just one to smell things well.  Jack B. learned that raspberry smells really bad.  

Nathan W. smelling lemon

PE Dance Week
In PE we learned different dances from different parts of the world each day.  We learned Irish dancing, Samoan, slap-dancing, New Zealand dancing.  We all had a really fun time learning new dances!

Om learning the New Zealand dance

Irish dancing

Samoan dancing

More Irish dancing

Samaon dancing
Isabel and Tyler in front
Kayce, Patrycja, and Emma in back 

Cassy and Emilia doing Samoan dancing, too

Henry, Michael P, Owen, & Keatyn

Carol (on left) doing the slap dance

Tyler, Keatyn, Kayce, and Patrycja Irish dancing


  1. The dances looked fun. Glad you guys got to try something new!

  2. "Maniac Magee" sounds like an interesting book. Will look forward to updates.
    Rachel Moran
    Michael P's Mom