Friday, December 21, 2012

Final weekly update of 2012!

Kraft Packaging Redesign Presentations
This week our final groups presented their ideas for redesigning their Kraft products' packaging.  After their presentations they got a lot of creative and interesting suggestions from the rest of the class.  We are excited to work on our designs after break.

Stacker Mallows group:  Morgan, Matt, Lorie, and Jackie 
(Not pictured:  Cassie)
They are designing new packaging so that the marshmallows don't get squished.

Emilia, Connor, and Michael
(Not pictured:  Ziran)
This group had some great ideas to make Capri Sun packaging easier to open and use.

Rocco, Cecelia, Claire, Lorie presented their ideas for repackaging Jell-O cups to have less waste. 

Om, Trey, and Patrycja (Annie not pictured) came up with great ideas for Mac & Cheese.

Michael K, Rhea (and Henry) are redesigning Lunchables to use less packaging.

Keatyn, Charlie, Michael P, Veronica, and Kayce want to make Jell-O pudding packages easier to use.

Colin, Emma, Isabel, and Paul have some great ideas to make it easier to open string cheese.

In Chinese we did a project where we made a poster about our family, with everything in Chinese about us, like our birthdates, Chinese name, and family members.  We also told our grade and ages.  We presented what we wrote in Chinese to Mrs. Hsu.  You will be impressed with how well we can speak Chinese! 





GeoBee in Social Studies
In social studies all Thomas students took a GeoBee written test, and the top 10 scorers in each class competed to be finalists while the rest of the class helped keep score.  It was a very close competition in both classes, and we were really impressed with everyone's geographical knowledge!
Period 2 finalists: William, Paul, Lorie, Tyler, Veronica, Ziran, Colin, Emilia, Connor, Cassy

Period 2 winner:  Paul!

Period 3 finalists:  Sean, Alex S, Ben, Cecelia, Trey, Michael B, Matt, Om, Claire, Devin

Period 3 winner:  Sean!  Runner-up:  Alex S.!
Sean and Alex were tied, so we had a 
 "Geo-off," and Sean won after 4 competitive rounds.

During Team Time, Paul and Sean competed to represent Sigma in the all-school GeoBee.  It was a close competition, with Sean winning after 4 rounds.  Do you know the answer to Sean's final winning question?  The St. Mary's River, which connects Lake Superior and Lake Huron, separates Michigan from which Canadian Province?  (Scroll to the bottom for the answer.)

A panoramic shot of the team GeoBee

Board Game Day in LA
On Friday we had a "no electronics" day and played board games.  Some of us brought games from home, and we also played Mrs.Ziegenfuss's games.  

Emilia, Cassie, Rhea, Jackie, and Annie (left to right) all enjoyed playing a "girl version" of Monopoly.

Paul and Michael B. are playing tic-tac-toe and chess.

Rocco is teaching Trey how to play chess.

Keatyn, Jack S., and Devin decided to build a cool cascading domino design.

Here's the video of their dominoes falling!

Ziran brought a Lego game called Ramses' Pyramid.

Everyone loves Apples to Apples!  Cecelia, Trey, Rocco, Henry, Ben, and William.

Mrs. Lavidas and Cecelia are playing a connect-the-dot puzzle game.

Ben and William figured out how to play Mrs. Ziegenfuss's new Pathagon game.

Morgan and Kayce are coloring holiday pictures.

Connor brought his Risk game from home, and Nathan H, Tyler, and Michael joined him in a very competitive game.

Om and Michael P. played a few rounds of Pathagon.

Another big group playing Apples to Apples:  Matt, Emma, Isabel, Jack B, Rocco, and Sean.

Veronica, Claire, Lorie, Veronica, and Carol are playing In a Pickle.

Michael P and Om made this really cool domino design, and we all watched it cascade.

Alex S., Colin, and Nathan W. are setting up a Lego soccer game. 

Here are some videos that Alex S. took of their game:)

∑igma Celebrations
Congratulations to Sean and Lorie for being this month's T-Wolves!  We appreciate their hard work and helpfulness.

Jack was the first person to solve Mrs. Ziegenfuss's puzzle cube!
GeoBee answer:  Ontario


  1. Congratulations Sean on winning the Geo Bee. You had some stiff competition. Good luck in the all school Geo Bee. We are super proud of you!
    - Mom and Dad

  2. Wow! It looks like we just had the most fun from the whole year! Now though, we will get to make new memories together. Have fun Sigma and see you next year.
    -Cassy T.-

  3. Man! we do a lot of stuff in just one or two weeks. Keep it up sigam. Yay!!! :)

  4. Wow! We did so many fun things in the past week or so! Great job bloggers! :)