Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekly Update 4/27/12

On Wednesday night, we celebrated poetry month with Thomas's annual Sixth Grade Poetry Night celebration.  Mr. Bill Bucinsky was our host.  He made up poems about everybody as they came up.  He also played music and had us do fun activities.  Lots of parents and students came to listen and watch, and some of us performed our own poetry.  We had cookies, iced coffee, and lemonade and had good times!  Thanks to Hannah and Gina for filming a few of our talented poets!

The Poetry Night Program

Anna reading her original poem

Mili's metaphor poem

In IT, we built bridges using 28 popsicle sticks, Elmer's Glue, and masking tape.  Our goal was to built the strongest bride we could.  We tested our bridges by putting a piece of wood in the middle of the bridge and then connecting it to a bucket of sand.  We kept adding more sand until our bridges broke.  Two of our bridges were so strong that they never broke:  James & Elton's and Nicholas and Kyle's bridges each withstood over 50 pounds of sand!!  
Testing bridges

Mili & Anna's bridge being tested

The builders of the indestructible bridges!!
Nicholas, Kyle, James, and Elton

Last week we had an after-school cooking taught by Mrs. Krupiarz. She taught us about kitchen safety and how to make a delicious chocolate cake. She was very helpful and patient teaching and explaining things to us.  
Below are pictures of the different kitchen groups.

Lauren and Anna with their fabulous hats.
Our Wacky Chocolate Cakes. Yum!
We love the cakes

In celebration of Arbor/Earth Day, all interested students received seedlings from IDOT, thanks to Mr. Green.  We each got an oak or a dogwood seedling to plant.  Happy Arbor Day!
Cici, Max, and Samson with their trees.

Congratulations to David P. who won a bronze medal at the Chinese Language Fluency Contest at Northside College Preparatory High School.
Way to go, David!!  

In social studies we studied the Persian Wars.  Each group wrote a skit about one of the important battles.  In our skits we included a chorus, 4 lines for a messenger, and our chorus lines had to rhyme.  We included all important people, facts, and key terms from the battle.  Then we performed our poems to teach the class about our battle.

Andrew, Mick, Lauren, & Stephen reading their Persian War poem about The Battle of Marathon.

Kyle, Mili, and Morgan and their version of The Battle of Marathon.

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