Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekly Update 4/20/12

Showdown for Shea!  Thomas vs. South Crosstown Classic!!
On April 16,  many Sigma students attended the volleyball game between Thomas and South teachers which was held at Hersey High School.  It was a really fun night, and lots of students, teachers, and community members came out to support this great cause.  Money raised from entrance and raffle ticket sales went to help a former Thomas student named Shea with travel bills to New York to receive cancer treatments.  Shea has been fighting sclerosing Hodgkins lymphoma for three and a half years, and we were glad that we could help her get the treatments she needs.   We raised over $9,300 to help Shea!!

The Thomas crowd!

Miss Renno is an awesome, tricky volleyball player!

Gina attempting to win a t-shirt during the contest between games.

Lauren at the game.

Girls from Mrs. Ziegenfuss's homeroom, 6-12.

Mrs. Ziegenfuss with Tommy the T-Wolf and Mr. O'Rourke, Thomas's former principal

This is the raffle table at the Cross Down Classic. Cici is standing there with her tickets. 
Ready to WIN!!!

Andrew and Josh getting ready to go into the gym.

Thomas T-Wolves and South Cardinals united for a GREAT cause!!!

In social studies/language arts  we participated in a debate to learn about the Greek city-states of Athens and Sparta.  We were each assigned either Athens or Sparta, and after we read about our city-states, we debated which one was better.  We also learned about the rules of debate, including opening and closing arguments and how to make a rebuttal.  We learned to defend our position, even if we didn't agree with it.  We also learned that Lucas is a really good debater!

 4/5 Spartan team

7/8 Athenian team

7/8 Spartan team

Mili representing Sparta and Jaz representing Athens.

Hannah representing Athens and Lucas representing Sparta.

Lucas giving a dramatic closing argument for Sparta.

In science we did an experiment which showed where most of the earth's water is located.  What has more water, the earth's lakes or the earth's atmosphere?

Hannah, Kyle and Samson

Morgan, Lucas and Matthew

Mr. Aho's shirt for the Just Move It Challenge! 2012

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  1. The t-shirt for Just Move it is awesome! I wish I'd have thought of that! We should do that for Beta one day!!!! I've really enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for sharing it!