Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekly Update 4/13/12

In social studies last week we participated in a simulation about Early Greek Settlement.  We were assigned roles such as farmers and traders.  Some of us didn't have enough land to grow food and raise animals because Greece is so rocky and full of mountains, so we had to make colonies in North Africa and Asia Minor and along the Black Sea.  

David R. and James are farming in Thebes.
Lucas, Jake, and Max are Spartans who went to war a lot to take over land.

Mili is a colonist from the Black Sea trading with Anna from Crete.
Jasmine is an Athenian and Hannah is a colonist.  Hannah is trading nuts for Jasmine's pottery so that they each get what they need. 
Morgan is from Ellis and Matthew is a colonist, trading for goods.  Morgan gave Matthew marble and jewelry and Matthew gave her wood and wheat.
David P., Kyle, James, and David R. are farmers making an alliance.

Last Wednesday ten members of our team and some of their parents presented information about Sigma to incoming fifth graders and their parents at Fifth Grade Orientation.  We explained about what Sigma will be like and differences between this year and next year.  We created a slideshow about our wiki, blogs, and Kraft website.  We also took a lot of questions and gave feedback about our year.  We are all getting really comfortable and confident when presenting to groups!
David P, Josh, Shane, Lucas, Mick, Kate, CiCi, Mili, Anna, and Hannah:  our fearless presenters!
Mr. Aho introducing himself to the group.
Mr. Kaye, answering a question.
Thanks to Shane, Josh, Mick, Lauren, and Mili's moms, our wonderful parent speakers!!

Cici with a picture of her new dog Quincy! He is 1 year old and is a Yellow Lab! He's so cute!

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