Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weekly Update 4/5/12

On Monday in LA we had a poetry workshop with Bill Buczinsky, everyone's favorite poet.  He did magic tricks and said almost everything in verse.  We wrote free verse poems based on photos we chose.   We had a great time and are looking forward to starting our poetry unit in LA.  We are also excited about  our Sixth Grade Poetry Night on Wednesday, April 25 at 6:00 in the LMC.  Some of us will be reading our own poetry, and some of us plan to just come to listen.

Mick played the drums to accompany some poems.

Eddie's reading his poem.
Cici reading her poem.

Lauren sharing her poem.

In social studies this week we wrapped up our China unit with a really exciting simulation about traveling and trading goods on the Silk Road.  We learned about the different obstacles traders had to go through to get to different places and what they traded such as carpets and glassware.
Below are pictures of us trading our goods along the "Silk Road" in our classroom.  In this experience we got to do things in a simpler and easier form than the real Silk Road.  
Everyone loved it!

In IT today we created the highest tower we could make using only one sheet of 8 1/2 x11 paper and 8" of masking tape.  Some of our towers were pretty tall, but some of us had epic fails.  We are going to try again next week, using what we learned from this first try.
Mr. Grant is using a yardstick to show the Thomas record for tallest tower--63"!!

Ni hao (你好 from Mili and Sammi who traveled with their families on the District 25 trip to China over spring break!  Sammi is wearing her traditional Chinese dress. We did a lot of shopping and will never forget our trip!  The class is looking forward to seeing Mili and Sammi's pictures and other artifacts from China.

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