Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekly Update 5/4/12

Word as Image
This week in team we learned about a book called Word as Image by Ji Lee, who was a creative director at Google and is now at Facebook  The challenge is to create an image out of a word, using only the letters in the word itself.  In order to create our images, we really had to play around with the letters in our words without adding extra parts or symbols.  It was harder than it looked at first!  We each made at least one image that was related to what we learned in school, and the other could be about what we wanted.  Then many of us used keynote to animate our images.  We even watched all of them and voted for the top ten!  
Here are Sigma's winning word as images:

As a follow up to our cooking class, this week we had a sewing class. We are making pillows.  Below Mrs. Krupiarz is explaining the directions and supplies.  We all got to machine sew and turn our pillows, and next week we will stuff and hand sew the openings closed.  Check back next week for some great pillow pics!

       Morgan is threading a needle to start sewing her pillow.

Mick is pinning his pillow to know where to sew.
 Eddie is making sure that his sewing machine is threaded correctly before he starts to sew.
 Josh is rethreading his sewing machine.
Mili and Anna pinning their pillow.
Lauren and Katherine are hard at work.
From front to back, Cici, Jaz, Sammi, and Gina.

In language arts and social studies we are learning about Ancient Greece and Greek and Roman mythology.  James taught all of us how to use Prezi, a presentation tool that has one huge board with slides coming out in different directions instead of having slides in a row like in Keynote.  It is more challenging to type things in Prezi, but we think it looks better and is fun to watch.  He was assisted by Kyle and Shane.  We are using Prezi to make presentations about gods and goddesses that we want to learn more about.  We are including summaries of myths and lots of pictures and videos.  We will post them soon.
James introducing Prezi.
Kyle manning the controls.
Shane helping Nick start a Prezi.

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