Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekly Update 2/24/12 by Mick, Jasmine, Shane, Nicholas, and many others

In LA we started our literature circle groups today. We are reading five different books in groups and responding to them on Edmodo.  We can post like on Facebook, except it's for school.  We can also ask our group questions as we're reading.  Our books are all historical fiction set in the places we are studying this year in world history.  

 The Kite Rider group (China).  "I like the setting in China."  ~Shane

The Ties that Bind, Ties that Break group (China).  "I like how it's a flashback." ~James

 The Goddess of Yesterday group (Greece).  
"It uses a great way to tell the story through flashbacks." ~Elton
"I like the setting in Ancient Greece."  ~Stephen

The Golden Goblet group (Egypt).
"We like the mystery--and the name Gebu."~Mick and Josh

The Crispin group (Medieval England). 
"So far we like the plot and details of the story.  It caught our attention right away."~Nicholas

 Ties that Bind, Ties that Break group 2, minus CiCi (China).
"I like how the Chinese words are translated into English." ~Jasmine

 Catherine, Called Birdy group (Medieval England).
"I liked how Catherine always says things like 'Corpus Bones' when she's angry." ~Morgan

Crispin, group 2 (Medieval England).
"I found it interesting how the main character's mom got paid very little." ~Anna

In music we are using hand motions to warm up our voices.

Elton and Nicholas got medals for a violin contest.  They both got first place.  
Congratulations to our talented musicians!

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