Thursday, February 16, 2012

Weekly Update 2/16/12 by Kyle, James, David P., Andrew, and CiCi

In social studies we shared our Egypt projects.  Instead of a test at the end of our unit, we chose a topic from a list of ideas or structures or beliefs in Egypt, did research, and presented to the class.  We got to choose how to share our research.  Some of us made movies, podcasts, or animated keynotes, and some of us made models or wrote postcards or scrolls.

Max with Tutankhamun's tomb.
 Max added lots of jewels and made detailed statues for his project.

 Mili made a mummy with clay canopic jars for her project.

Hannah made a 3D model of the Sphinx. It looked very realistic and interesting. 

We were all digging for treasure in Anna's project, the Great Pyramid of Giza!

Josh made a sculpture of a sphinx!

Samson and his awesome news article about the Rosetta Stone.

    Lucas made a scarab out of Model Magic and gold paint and created a googledoc presentation, too!

Matthew made a very detailed clay pyramid.  We put it near the heating vents and it started cracking, but we thought that made it look even more realistic!

Our book orders came in for our "Bring on the Books" Community Project!  We will soon be delivering them to Patton School and to the Reading Tree, a charity that provides books to needy children.

These are Patton's books.  We ordered some of our very favorites, including The Hunger Games trilogy, the Lightning Thief series,  Smile,  and Wonderstruck.

These are our donations for The Reading Tree.  Some of the best books we ordered were the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, some Junie B. Jones books, A Light in the Attic, and a Greek mythology book.

We decided that two of the books we ordered were too mature for elementary kids, so we donated them to our LMC at Thomas.  Here Lauren and Katherine are giving Behemoth and Goliath to Mr. Hillmer.

For Valentine's Day cards we took special pictures using perspective to make it look like we were handing lollipops to our parents.   Then we wrote messages and decorated our cards.
Happy Valentine's Day from Nicholas









and Samson.

We have been very busy in music, creating music in Garageband for our Kraft commercials and exploring rhythm patterns by playing boomwhackers and drums.  Check back soon for the winning Kraft commercials for each product as voted on by our class.

Nick (in green) and Lucas (in black) working on their garageband music for their KRAFT commercials.

Playing with "BOOMwhackers" during music class

Playing different drum patterns in music class.

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