Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekly Update 3/2/12

Kraft Packaging Redesign Project Update:
This week we presented our keynotes to get feedback from our classmates before we present our final projects to the Kraft engineers on March 15.  Each group explained the changes they made in the packaging and why they made them.  Then they showed their commercials, too.  Check back next week to watch our final presentations with our voice recordings.

In language arts we are continuing our WEX unit responding to Yellow Death, and we also started our historical fiction literature circles using a Facebook-like program for school purposes (safe unlike Facebook). We do our homework on Edmodo. Then we comment on each other's  work. Also, we create decisions about how much to read and talk about the books we are reading.  Here's a screenshot of Shane, David P., Samson, and Lucas's discussion about Haoyou, the main character in their book, The Kite Rider.

For Chinese class we had a kung fu master come in and show us different styles of kung fu.  Some of us volunteered to demonstrate what we learned from him.  We learned defensive and offensive techniques and had a lot of fun.



Nicholas, Kyle, and Sammi, among others
David P.

Lunch bunch:  eating lunch and playing Apples to Apples.

In music we performed our Rhythm Projects

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