Friday, February 3, 2012

Weekly Update 2/3/12

This week in social studies we learned about the social pyramid in Ancient Egypt.  We jigsawed our reading and created skits to teach the rest of the class about the different social classes.  We also started researching for our independent Egypt projects.  We each got to choose our topic and our product.  Check back next week to learn more about Ancient Egypt!

Right under the pharoah at the top of the Egyptian social pyramid are Hannah, Mili, and Katherine, government officials welcoming their classmates to an elaborate banquet.

Next in the pyramid are our priests, David P., Kyle, Eddie, & Lucas.  
Warning: be prepared for gruesome details about mummification!

Lucas brought in an Egyptian plate to show the class.

Kate shared her Egyptian scarf decorated with Eye of Horus coins.

In language arts we shared and posted excerpts from our responses to literature.  Everyone worked really hard to find textual evidence for their claims through careful rereading of Maniac Magee. We are looking forward to practicing these writing skills on nonfiction when we start The Secret of the Yellow Death next week.  Here are a few "WEXcellent" examples:

In Chinese we each researched one of the Zodiac animals to find about out its personality traits and famous people born under each sign.  Here are some of the posters we created:
Sammi's Chinese Zodiac pig

Mili's rooster
Kyle's dragon

In science, we are continuing to look at different populations and why populations change.  Here are two presentations that students shared about endangered populations.

In math we are studying decimal and fraction conversions and have been working on some choice projects on this topic.  We also defined the difference between natural, whole and rational numbers and integers.  This was one of our favorite videos of the week.

Sigma students in music class using the Music Ace program.  Kevin gives it two thumbs way up!

Sigma celebrities!!  James and Kyle were featured on a local magazine cover for their work in Young Entrepreneur's Academy.  We are looking forward to finding out more about their business and product!
Kyle and James are first and second on left.

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