Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekly Update 10/28/11 by Katherine, Hannah, Nick, and Morgan

Happy Halloween, fellow Sigmians!!
We had an exciting spirit week here at Thomas Middle School!

Here we are on Team Tuesday!

Give me a "J" for jersey!

Wacky Wednesday, the wackiest day of the year!

Orange is orange; Sigma is Sigma.  It's team color day!

It's Fancy Friday.  We are never this dressed up!

In literature we read a science fiction story called "All Summer in a Day" about summer on Venus.  We chose three quotes and drew a picture of the setting to represent the mood of the story.  Here are three of our best examples:

By Hannah

By Max

By Gina

More passions business cards!
Back row: Andrew's is the Middle Ages, Kyle's is trains, Stephen's is squirrels, Matt's is football.
Front row:  Max's is football and Lucas's is zombies.

We had a giant debate about plastic vs. paper bags to see
if we should use paper or plastic for our Kraft packaging.  
For solving our problem, we pretended that we HAD to use paper or plastic bags, not cloth ones.
After we read articles and watched videos, we made our own paper vs. plastic videos, choosing a side.   
We only had about 20 minutes to make these videos.  Here are some of our intriguing results:

In science, we also did an experiment with chromatography and the different colors that make up a black marker.  Here are Lauren and Elton with some colorful samples.

Last week we also discussed the differences between a solar and a lunar eclipse.  Here Lucas and Nick explain what a solar exclipse is.

Finally in math we finished our menu projects where we had to come up with menu items and prices and then translate them into Spanish or Chinese.  Here are three of our best.

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  1. Great Job!!!!!!! The Spirt week pictures were great!!!!!! Love it this week guys!!!!