Friday, November 4, 2011

Weekly Update 11/4/11: Kyle, Elton, Anna, Lauren

Boo! Happy Halloween from this week's bloggers!
Anna, Kyle, Elton, Lauren

Happy Halloween from period 7/8 with Kevin, aka the Headless Horseman.

Here are some of the Chinese lanterns we made in art.  We used watercolors to paint our Chinese names, a one-point perspective painting of the first letter of our names, 
our Chinese animal birth symbol, 
and a painting to represent our passions.

In Chinese class we Skyped with a student in China.  
Kate and Kyle asked her questions.

Our Sigma Team banner came in! 
Here are our designers with Mrs. Bingaman.

Lauren and Katherine are chatting with Bob, the online librarian looking for popular books for 4th & 5th graders for their Community Project. (

For their community project, Max and Samson are looking for healthy lunch menus online.

We came up with our own Drama warm-up!

In creative arts we got go on the stage for drama.

Here we are playing an acting game with Ms. Fergus.

Lucas, CiCi, and Lauren explaining the Day of the Dead in Spanish class.

Scented marker experiment in science.

In social studies, we "jigsawed" our research about Otzi, the Ice Man.  
Here are presentations by two of our groups.

By James, Mick, and Shane

By Anna, Lauren, and Lucas

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