Friday, October 14, 2011

Weekly Update 10/14/11 by Matt, Samson, Eddie, and David R.

Our weekly bloggers top to bottom:  
Samson, Eddie, David R., Matt

On Thursday, Sigma watched a live webcast with author James Patterson,
hoping that he would answer the question Kate emailed him.  Our question wasn't chosen, but we enjoyed listening to him talk about his books and recommend other fun books for us to read.

Check out James Patterson's great website for awesome books to read:
Here are three of our favorite books that James Patterson also recommended.  
We recommend these to all of our blog readers!
Eddie holding The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.
Anna is holding Wonderstruck, a new book by Brian Selznick.
Eddie is holding Middle School, the Worst Years of My Life by James Patterson.

In Advisory on Beta/Sigma, we played "Four Corners,"
a game where we joined different groups in the commons, based on our interests, 
to find out what we have in common.

In art, we are designing our own business cards related to our personal passions.  Some of us are using plaster and some of us are using paper.  Business cards don't have to be 2x3 inch cards.  
They can be more creative and even can be 3D.  
Left to right:  Samson, Max, Matt
Left to right:  Hannah, Sammi
Left to right:  Jasmine, Hannah, CiCi
In social studies, we analyzed the clustrmap on this blog during our geography study.  
We can see where all the people are from who have looked at our blog.  Our goal is to connect to people from all 7 continents and all 50 states.  So far people from all of the continents except 
Antarctica have viewed our blog!  Our blog has had 1,057 views from 18 different states and 9 different countries.  In the pictures below we are discovering interesting facts from our blog.

Andrew, Elton, and Samson hunting for clues during our geography scavenger hunt.

Other things we are learning about this week:
  • In math and world languages, we are making menus for restaurants.  We will use these for a math activity next week.
  • In Sigma Team Project, we were assigned our Kraft product groups and started researching the history of our product and its packaging.
  • In LA we are learning about setting and mood and are drawing pictures using shading techniques we learned in art to represent "All Summer in a Day," a science fiction story we read.  We also finished our capitalization review and are officially capitalization usage experts.  In WEX we are beginning our polished narrative essays next week.
  • In social studies we started our prehistory study and are beginning to explore the Stone Ages and early cultures.
  • In science we learned how sunlight can make lunar and solar eclipses.

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