Friday, October 21, 2011

Weekly Update 10/21/11 by Andrew K., Shane K., Max M., and Jake S.

        Max, Shane, Andrew, and Jake: AKA The coolest Sigma kids.

In Sigma team project we are redesigning KRAFT packaging. 
Each group below is working on their redesigning by 
researching their product.

Morgan, Eddie, and Lauren:  Teddy Grahams

Hannah, Kate, and Mili:  Oreos

Matt, Kyle, and Anna:  Oreo Cakesters

Lucas and Andrew:  Macaroni and Cheese

Nicholas and Stephen:  Macaroni and Cheese

Katherine, David P., and Jake:  Kool-Aid 

Kevin, Jasmine, Samson, Shane:  Sour Patch Kids

Sammi, Davie R., CiCi:  Capri Sun

Sammi and CiCi:  Capri Suns
James, Elton, Mick:  Swedish Fish

Max, Josh, Gina:  Chips Ahoy

Here is the mix-it-up lunch to meet other people. Each person had a tattoo of a country's flag.  We sat with the corresponding country.   Adults from the community ate with us, and we used a list of conversation starters to learn new things about the people we ate with.

Here are David P, Andrew, and Elton at the Brazil mix-it-up table.

Hannah and friends sitting at the Ireland table with Mr. Kelly, 
our computer teacher who was born in Ireland.

This is Sigma with Mr. Damico. We are learning how to 
make medallions for our Futabakai visitors.
  Futabakai is the Japanese language school in Arlington Heights.  Sixth grade students from Futabakai are coming to visit us on November 8.  On December 13, we will visit them at their school.

Here are  Morgan (reading), Sammi (acting), and Gina (acting) 
with their finished passions business cards. 
In social studies we are studying prehistoric times.  We went to Mrs. Lussem's German room which was converted into a "cave."  We did a simulation to pretend that we were prehistoric cave dwellers.  We drew in the dark with cave sounds in the background.  Below we are "discovering" each other's drawings and analyzing them as archaeologists do to learn about how 
people survived in the Stone Ages.

In reading we worked hard on plot maps for our independent reading books.  We shared them with our class so that we could add new books to our "someday" reading lists. 
Below are our finished maps.
Period 7/8  
Period 3/4

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  1. Mrs. Powers - Dryden SchoolOctober 27, 2011 at 7:08 PM

    Wow, Sigma Team! I can't wait to hear how you redesigned your products- all of those, especially Oreos, are pretty perfect to me.