Friday, December 7, 2012

Weekly Update 12/7/12

This Week's Bloggers!!
Trey, Rocco, Ben, Cecelia, and Devin

Preposition Song!
In LA we are memorizing a preposition song to the tune of "Yankee Doodle" to get ready for our test on Tuesday.
Cassy memorized the whole thing and did a great job singing the preposition song we used to help us study. 

This week to wrap up our Mesopotamia unit in social studies, we made clay cuneiform tablets  with our names on them!  We used a stylus to make wedge-shaped characters like the ancient Mesopotamians did.  Most of us decided that we would not want to have been scribes in Mesopotamia!

Here is Paul.


Annie, Lorie, and William

Annie, Lorie, and William


Carol and Jackie

Cecilia and Owen

On Monday Ms. Jurgens from the Arlington Heights Memorial Library visited and did book talks for our class and Mrs. Hallmark's combined together.  She brought a huge bag of our favorite types of books for us to check out:  fantasy, books about feelings, historical fiction, and books set in WWII.  
We had fun watching the book trailers 
and learning about the books.

Ms. Jurgens

We got to choose which genres we wanted to hear about.

Period 7/8 with Mrs. Hallmark's class

Period 4/5 with Mrs. Hallmark's class

∑igma Celebrations!!
On Thursday we participated in the classroom History Bee.  Below are our high scorers from each class.  Carol had the highest score in the whole sixth grade!!
Period 3:
Ben (second) and Carol (first)

Period 2:
 William (second) and Ziran (first)

Connor and Emilia learned "Egypian Legacy" by Soon Hee Newbold in their Music for Youth repertoire group.  They had the great idea to play their duet for our class.
This was a kick-off to our new unit, Ancient Egypt. 
Can you hear the Egyptian melody?
Period 2

Mrs. Samson gave us this really cool poster showing the anatomy of a Gummi Bear.  It is hanging up in  Mr. Aho's room.
Thank you for the Gummi Bear poster, Mrs Samson!!
In German: Danke für die Gummibärchen plakat, Frau Samson!!


  1. I like the picture of colin doing the cuneiform
    ~Alex S

  2. Looks like you had an amazing week! Great job!

  3. I liked Cassy's singing, and all the cuneiform tablets. They were really cool. Well, have fun Sigma and keep up the good work.

  4. Cassy, Nice job on the song, you did wonderful.-Jackie

  5. Awesome Job, Sigma Team!!! I love, love, love, the preposition song. You guys are doing great things! ~Mrs. Hallmark