Friday, March 9, 2012

Weekly Update 3/9/12 by Morgan, CiCi, Gina, Hannah, and Sammi

We had a busy week on Sigma, with ISAT testing and a crazy flipped schedule.  We managed to get a lot of learning in, too, as you can see in the photos and graphics below from language arts and social studies.  Be sure to check back next week for pictures and an update about our Kraft Packaging Project presentations!

In social studies we made 3-D relief maps of China and learned about the geography of China.  Here we are working on our group maps and posters.

In language arts this week we finished reading our literature circle historical novels.  We used tagxedo to make the posters below. We added text to describe our main characters and then we chose colors and shapes to symbolically represent our novels.  Some of us finished early and had time to make tagxedos about ourselves.

The Kite Rider group (13th century China):  
Samson  made his in a lightning shape to represent when Haoyou bravely flies into a storm.

Lucas and Shane made theirs in the shape of China, where the book is set.

David P. made his in a tree shape to represent when Haoyou flew on his kite into a tree.

Catherine, Called Birdy group (Medieval England): We made our Tagxedos about Catherine, from Catherine Called Birdy.  They are in a bird shape because she is like a bird herself; she is "caged" and doesn't know how to flap her wings on her own in life yet.



Ties that Bind, Ties that Break group (1905, China):
Matthew and Jake used a foot shape to represent Ailin rebelling against having her feet bound.



James's image is in the shape of a Chinese temple.

Jaz and Sammi chose a map of China for their design.

Crispin groups (1377, England)
Several people used a cross shape to represent the lead cross Crispin carried.  
The cross was the clue to his true identity.

Kevin & David R.

Nicholas & Eddie 

Kate chose a key shape because Crispin was searching for the key to his true identity. 

Mili and Anna both chose the shape of England, where the story is set.
Lauren's chose a heart shape because Crispin "lost his heart"and was devastated when his mother died.

The Golden Goblet group (ancient Egypt):
Both groups chose a goblet shape for their design because the main character, Ranofer, must solve the mystery to find out who is robbing tombs of valuables such as the goblet he finds.
 Kyle and Josh
Mick and Max

Goddess of Yesterday group (Ancient Greece): 
In this book the main character, Anaxandria, has never seen a horse and is amazed to see horses used in battle.

 Elton and Stephen


A few "just for fun" tagxedos about our own personalities and interests!

 David P.



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