Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sigma's Final Update!! 6/5/13

Our Final and BEST Update:  6/5/13!!
A big group turned out to help celebrate the end of an awesome sixth grade year!

Language Arts:
The Metaphor for My Life
We made metaphors based on what we thought our life was like, just like Zinny did in Chasing Redbird.  
She said her life was a bowl of spaghetti, all tangled and twisted.

Period 4/5 with their metaphor posters.
Some metaphors from period 4/5:
My life is a rainbow because I have nice things after a storm. (Emilia)
My life is a tropical forest with many twists and turns. (Emilia)
My life is a computer; 404 not found. (Devin)
My life is a lottery because there are many surprises. (Jack S.)

Period 7/8 with their posters (photo bombed by Mr. Kaye).
Some metaphors from period 7/8
Life is the stock market, always changing with ups and downs. (Alex Y.) 
Life is a thunderstorm; it is dangerous. (Matt)
Life is a forest, wild with creatures; it's exciting but can be quite scary. (Om)
Life is a flower; each day is different, just like petals. (Patrycja)
Life is a computer; sometimes there are errors, and sometimes it's successful. (Michael P.)

Social Studies:  
Middle Ages and Renaissance Presentations
For our final units in social studies we all read a section in our social studies book, took notes :( and made hand outs and Keynotes to present to the class.   We were up presenting like teachers and were very professional.

Cassy And Emilia doing geography of Europe during the early Middle Ages.

Keatyn and Ziran teaching about Europe after the fall of Rome. 

Isabel and Rhea presenting about feudalism and life on a manor.

Isabel's map of a Medieval manor with a dragon.

Kayce and Lori teaching about  Feudal society.  They taught us about knights and chivalry.

Cecilia teaching about landforms of Europe.

Henry and Sean showed us a great video about how 
Christianity spread during the Middle Ages.                 

Carol and Patrycja explained how English knights were similar to Japanese samurai.

Claire and Morgan taught us about kings and popes.  
They made a great quiz and a coloring project to learn about Medieval crowns.

Owen wrote about the Clunic monks and how they got Christians to start back on track of praying instead of researching.  Here he has a picture of the Cluny Abbey.

Michael P. and Devin taught us that Black Death came to Europe on slave ships.

Nathan H. was absent, so Ben presented their group's slideshow about challenges to Church authority.  They were very interested in the idea of heresy.

Rocco and Jack B. made a matching game where we matched Renaissance artists to their artwork.

Michael B. showed us a really funny BBC video about the Crusades!

Nathan W., Paul, and Alex Y. taught us that there were actually four different Crusades.

Tyler and Connor made a Jeopardy game about the Black Death for us to play.

William was absent, so Michael K. presented for their group.  They learned about Challenges to the Church's Authority.

Annie and Veronica learned about how the popes and kings fought for power.

Alex S. and Om R.
The Renaissance was an important time period to increase trade and much more.

Jack S. taught us about Renaissance art.

Matt and Trey shared what they learned about the Reformation and Martin Luther.

In this video, Colin and Charlie used their awesome Italian accents to teach us about Renaissance achievements in math, literature, and science.

Field Day!
On Monday all of the sixth graders went out to the field and played a bunch of games like softball, ultimate frisbee, and baggos.  The day was organized by Miss Renno & Mr. Craig.  We had a great, sunny day, and  it was a lot of fun!
Panoramic picture of the field

This is 6-11 playing dodge ball!

 Patrycja and Kayce playing dodge ball.

Michael P. and Keatyn having are playing tug-of-war!

This is 6-11 and 6-12 playing tug-of -war.  6-12 won.

Drama Performances:  
Eighth Grade Improv Class
The period 5 LA class got to see an improv performance from the 8th graders, and it was AWESOME!!!!

LA period 5 laughing themselves so hard someone fell off his chair:)

8th graders doing their performance hilariously

8th graders doing the hands game. Even more hilarious!

 Advice Books for Next Year's Sixth Graders:
In Advisory we made booklets for next year's sixth graders.  We gave them advice about lockers, homework, lunchtime, and more.  We hope our books help them next year!

Owen making his very helpful advice book.

∑igma Celebrations!
Isabel's Sigma Dragon
Isabel drew this awesome Sigma dragon for our last blog post.

The year wouldn't be complete without a Lego video from Charlie!
Charlie's James Bond Lego video!

 The Hawks have beaten the Detroit Redwings in Round 2 in the playoffs.  The Blackhawks are shooting for winning the whole Stanley Cup which is like the Championship but for hockey.  The Hawks are now playing the LA Kings in the third round of the playoffs.  To show our spirit, we wore red or Blackhawks shirts on the day of game 7.
Period 4/5 in their Hawks/red gear.

Period 7/8 Hawks fans with Mrs. Z's bobble heads.

On our last day we had a random raffle for prizes!
The prize table

Mrs. Geisel calling the raffle numbers

Team Awards:
On our last day of school we met to celebrate all of our accomplishments in our team awards ceremony.  Congratulations to everyone for their hard work and cooperative spirit all year!!

Drama:  Isabel and Paul

World Cultures:  Connor and Emma

Industrial Technology:  Kayce and Charlie

French:  Carol and Kayce

Chinese:  Jackie and Tyler

PE:  Claire; Health:  Patrycja

Music:  Matt and Annie

Spanish:  Michael B. and Cassandra

PE:  Cecelia and Jack B.

Art: Emilia and Henry

German:  Trey and William with Mrs. Lussem

Technology Award:  Michael P., Colin, and Devin

Social studies:  Michael K., Nathan H., and Alex S.

Science:  Rocco and Alex Y.

LA/Reading:  Ben and Owen

LA/Writing:  Ziran and Morgan

Math:  Om, Nathan W., and Jack S.

Character Award:  Keatyn, Sean, Veronica, and Rhea

Congratulations to our TMS Sigma Team Citizen Award Recipients:
Tyler and Michael P.!



  1. Thank you to the Teachers and all your hard work. From the Bucaro family.

  2. Thank you Mrs. Ziegenfuss and Mr. Aho for a wonderful year. The sigma team was so lucky to have such involved and interesting teachers. It has been a great year for Jack personally and educationally! As teachers you found a perfect balance of learning, involving the children, and having fun. We loved all the unique opportunities provided to him this year!
    Thanks again for a great year!

    Julie & Dan Blumenfeld

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Mr. Aho and Mrs. Z. Our kids are so lucky to have had you as their teachers/mentors this past year. The video has driven me to tears of happiness!

  4. Great blog! Looks like you all had a fantastic year. Have a great summer!

    Colin's mom

  5. Thanks for the terrific year of blogging Sigma kids!
    It was so great to be a part of your tech world!
    Enjoy your summer!
    Rachel Moran

  6. Awesome blog post! Thanks to Mrs. Z and Mr A for all of their hard work through the year! Have a great summer!