Thursday, May 16, 2013

Weekly Update 5/17/13

Weekly Update 5/17/13
Owen, Matt, Alex Y, Michael B, Trey, Nathan W, Henry, Jack S

Language Arts:  Novel Study 
Chasing Redbird by Sharon Creech
We are reading a book called Chasing Redbird about a girl who found a trail and wants to see where it goes.  She is persistent about uncovering this mysterious trail, while other devastating things are happening in her life.  We are reviewing literary elements like conflict, character, and setting as we read the book.

7th Grade L.A. teacher Mrs. Kirr made Mrs. Ziegenfuss a poster about the trail in the book.  
Mrs. Z. added some of her own touches as well.

Devin, Henry, Owen, and Jack reading Chasing Redbird during reading time.

We were given Chasing Redbird groups for Edmodo.  Mrs. Z gives us questions for each sections we read.  We have to answer the prompts using evidence from the text, and we are graded on our responses.     We also comment on each other's responses and can agree or disagree. Here is a great conversation that Cecelia, Morgan, Rhea, and Kayce had in period 4/5 about traits of Zinny, the main character. 

Social Studies:  
Greek and Roman Mythology
Now we are studying Greek and Roman Mythology in social studies and in LA.   We learned the Greek and Roman names of the gods and goddesses, and we are reading great stories like "Ceres and Proserpina," a Roman myth that explains why we have seasons.   Everyone loves Mrs. Z's poster of mythological monsters.  We have lots of mythology experts on our team!

∑igma Celebrations!
Veronica S. and Charlie G. won the Tommy T-Wolf of the month award for this month.  Congrats to both of them!!

Congrats to all of our amazing band members who performed for the entire school onTuesday!
Ben & Paul:  trombone
Tyler & Devin:  percussion
Charlie & Colin:  French horn
Alex S, Sean, & Ziran:  trumpet
Jack S:  flute
Annie and Henry B:  clarinet
Emilia:  bass clarinet & chorus
Isabel:  baritone

The crowd listening to the band

The audience is clapping for the people's beautiful singing voices.  Emilia is on the right in the front row.

Here is a picture of the concert band waiting for their next song.

This is a picture of the jazz band.  Lots of our musically talented Sigma student hope to be in the the jazz band some day.

Jazz Band Videos
Colin's brother Peter performing a solo on trumpet with the Thomas Jazz Band

Nicholas, a seventh grader and Sigma alum, performing a solo on tenor saxophone


  1. Nice post! And congrats on the award Veronica and Charlie!
    ~Michael P.

  2. Nice job on the blog guys! chasing Redbird is such a great book and I can't wait to read more. Congrats to Veronica and Charlie for T-wolf of the month. Great week!
    ~Carol H.

  3. Wow you guys! great job with this blog! the jazz band i have to say though, was THE BEST!!!! ( Jackie wouldn't agree though :D) By the way, congrats to veronica and charlie!!! bye and have a good weekend

  4. Good job to all the people and I love Chasing Redbird so far. There are so many twists and turns in the book. I also like the map it shows a lot of the trail that Zinny is working on.
    -Emilia G

  5. Nice job on the blog this week! I am so excited to read more about Zinny in Chasing Redbird!
    - Claire

  6. good job on keeping us all informed

  7. Congrats to Charlie and Veronica for the T-Wolf award. The band was really cool! Towards the end, it was a it loud:)