Thursday, October 4, 2012

Weekly Update 10/4/12

We hope you like our blog this week!  This pyramid shows that we all work together, even though it was a little painful.:)
Bottom:  Alex S., Cecelia, Ben
Middle:  Claire, Kayce
Top:  Morgan

 Morgan, Claire, Kayce, Ben, Alex S.
Front:  Cecelia

After blogging today, Mrs. Ziegenfuss took us to Mrs. Kirr's 7th grade classroom to play the cardboard games her students created for the Cardboard Challenge.  The games were really creative and fun!
Ben and Alex S. playing a ball toss game

Ben and Alex S. playing a cool foosball game complete with lights.
Can you see Ben's face peeking through the other end of the game? 

Morgan, Cecelia, Kayce, and Claire playing a timed color matching game

 We are having so much fun working in our community projects!  Right now we are researching our topics to get ideas.  Here are some of the things we're doing to help others:

Providing necessities to a homeless shelter
Annie, Patrycja, Emilia, Jackie, and Cassy

Collecting toys and supplies for animals at Kay's Animal Shelter
Cecelia, Morgan, Kayce, and Claire

Designing a nonviolent video game
Michael B., Henry, Jack S., Connor

Giving toys and treats to needy dogs
Ziran, Nathan W., Ben, Michael P.

Providing warm clothing for people
Michael K., Colin, Ben, William

Making crafts and selling them to elementary school kids to raise money to protect wildlife
Devin, Keatyn, Isabel (Owen not pictured)

Collecting new and used sports equipment for kids who can't afford it
Trey, Rocco, Matt, Jack B.

Organizing an intramural tournament to promote fitness
Paul, Alex Y., Sean

Helping prevent bullying 
Om, Alex S., Tyler
(Nathan H. not pictured)

Providing art supplies for kids who don't have them
Emma, Rhea, Carol, Lorie, Veronica

In science we made an online poster in Glogster about shadows, light, and mirrors.  Ben learned that diamonds are translucent, transparent, and opaque, too.  Alex S. learned that water is all three, too.  When water is in its liquid form it's translucent, when it's a solid it's opaque, and when it's a gas, it's transparent.  
Emilia working on her project
Kayce making her Glogster

In LA we wrote stories about superheroes saving the day, using our "ject" root words.  We also illustrated our stories.  Here are three of our favorites:
by Devin

by Michael B.

by Annie

 In Advisory today we had a special assembly with BMX biker Matt Wilhelm.  We not only saw him do cool tricks, but we also learned what it was like for him to be bullied.  He told us that if we saw someone being bullied, we should speak up and not be bystanders.  He also told us to never give up on our dreams.

We all had fun watching the tricks.

This is the great Matt Willhelm.

Matt doing a trick called the "tornado" that he did on "America's Got Talent:"

Matt jumped over our gym teachers, Ms. Renno and Mr. Craig, and luckily didn't injure them.  


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This weeks blog was awesome, although i think everyone is ready for a lonb 4 day weekend, Sorry Mrs. Zigenfuss and Mr. Aho...Matt Wilhelm was awesome he is lik the best bike rider tricks person in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-Jackie

  2. Awesome blog! Guys! Go Sigma!-Trey

  3. Great summary of the busy week and very entertaining, too!

  4. This blog looks great! That was the best week out of all the weeks we had. Great job Bloggers!
    Carol H.

  5. That was mabey the best week we'll have this year
    Jack S

  6. Loved the pyramid :-D and the whole blog i love how every ones on the blog this week at least once

    -Patrycja S.

  7. Great post, guys! I love the Matt Willhelm video! I also didn't know you guys went to 7th grade to play games!

    -Tyler D.

  8. Awesome blog guys!! Good job to all the people who wrote the stories, too! Best week so far!! -Annie

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  10. Love all the pics and captions and most of all I think the pryimid was the BEST!!!!

  11. Wow it really looks great Alex looks like he's not having a great time on the pyramid.

  12. I think the pryimid was a little painful and the tricks by Matt was awesome by Rhea

  13. I think the tricks were awesome and the pyrimid was a little painful by Rhea.

  14. I like the pyramid and what it stands for.

    -Charlie G.

  15. I loved the human pyramid!

  16. I think we did a great job. :)!

  17. Great Ideas for the community projects.

  18. I think the ject stories were really good. -Morgan

  19. I think that the blog really shows how hard we worked on all our projects. - Cassandra

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    Emilia G

  22. I LOVE all the ideas for the community projects! You are all doing such wonderful things for so many people--keep up the great work!
    -Mrs. Barba

  23. I like all of the pics! & happy bday Sean!
    ~Michael P. ∑