Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekly Update 10/1912

The bloggers this week are looking tough and ready to go! Especially Jack S. :)

Om, Lorie, Jack S., Emma

Learning about the Stone ages:  Lascaux Cave Exploration
In social studies we studied the Lascaux Cave which was awesome.  It was so interesting. The end was like a video game as we took a virtual tour of the Jack S.
To see the virtual tour click here.
Michael K.


Om, Devin, and Patrycja

Lately we've been reading Wonder and blogging about the different perspectives R.J. Palacio uses and the traits she gives her characters. We also commented on each other's posts.
 Here are some things that we said:
  • Trey liked that Alex said Auggie is persistent.
  • Jackie liked that Ben said Julian is selfish; Om liked when Isabel described Julian as narrow-minded.
  • Cassy liked that Annie said Summer is sunny.
  • Owen liked that Lorie said Via is independent, and Claire thought Michael P. described Via well when he said she feels abandoned.
Here is a screenshot of William's blog post.  He chose really good adjectives for each character and even posted a picture of the book cover:

Here's a screenshot of Michael P.'s blog.  He already added a clustrmap and lots of other cool gadgets!

To check out all of our posts on our student blogs, click here.

In math we just finished projects about the electoral college. We researched what the electoral college is and why we have it. We also researched  an electoral college from a specific year. After we got the facts, we created presentations in small groups and shared them. 
Here are some slides from Lorie, Emma, and Jack B.'s presentation:

     A slide on why the electoral college is controversial

 A slide on the electoral college of 1984

∑igma Celebrations!!

  Congrats to Henry who created his own technology blog!!  Read about his blog here:
Hi, I am Henry. I have a tech blog, and if you need help with any technology-related things just comment in one of my posts, and I will post a video or some photos for how to do it.
 To get to my blog just click here.

On Wednesday Mr. Burton,  the assistant food service director and district dietician for District 25, met with a group of randomly chosen Sigma students.  They gave him feedback about how to make the lunch line work better and ideas for marketing healthy foods.
Michael P., Ben, Sean, Matt, Claire, Annie

This week was Red Ribbon Week.  It's a week to remind us to never get into drugs.  We found little red ribbons in different places around the school like in our lockers, on the floor, and behind bulletin boards.  The homeroom that collected the most ribbons won a prize.  Thursday was "team" up to stop drug use day, so we all wore our favorite sports teams shirts and jerseys!
6-11 on "Team up against drugs day"

6-12 in our sports gear

Here are some of us today, wearing LOTS of red to celebrate the end of Red Ribbon Week!

Congratulations to Emilia, who was ALL in red today, including her hair and a cape.  She got chosen for a contest during lunch and won a $10 gift card to AMC movie theaters!


  1. This post put me in a great mood. Wonderful content! I wish school was this much fun when I was growing up... lucky students!

  2. Great job guyS! The blog looks great! Looks like you worked hard!!

    Carol H.

  3. Yatta! This was great! I really like how jack Samson was all gung ho about the blogging

    Connor beaon

  4. Really awesome snapshot of Micheal P's blog!

  5. I liked how you talked about red ribbon week and am excited that my homeroom got the most ribbons!

  6. Great post guys! I didn't know Henry had his own blog!

  7. These were really good pictures with great, in-depth captions. Awesome job Om, Lorie, Jack S., and Emma!

  8. I love all the cool pics and spirit! It seems that the first quater is off to a good start. Have fun Sigma!