Friday, September 21, 2012

Weekly Update 9/21/12

Weekly Update by Tyler, Colin, Michael K., 
Charlie, and Isabel
This week was a great week here on Sigma. We had many exciting activities. We got to continue our world problem activity. LA has been exciting especially in the book Wonder. Science and math have been very fun too. We got to do many activities including travel brochures, animal eye movies, and science in the news. We have been continuing our monument project in social studies.
Here are this week's bloggers: Tyler, Colin, Michael K., Charlie, and Isabel. Where are we?

Here are almost all of us during Sigma Celebrations enjoying the end of a great week!

Michael P. surprised us all with the word of the week recording he did last Friday.  He suggested the word "cantankerous" to Mr. Goldstein, and his word was chosen!

Listen to Michael's recording!

Mr. Aho's homeroom watching the announcements, including Michael's surprise.

In social studies we are working on our monument research and project.  We each got to choose  a famous world monument to learn about.  Mr. Goldstein came in and helped teach with Mrs. Z.  We each read two challenging texts about our monument and decided on the most important ideas.  Then we did more research and posted it on our group's wiki.  Now we are designing our monuments and building them out of recyclables.
Isabel, Conner, Alex Y., Will, and Colin are in this picture. Can you find them?

Michael and Om talking with Mr. Goldstein about their readings.

 Rocco is researching and Nathan W. is starting to build their Chartres Cathedral.

Lorie, Veronica and Kayce found really great sites with tours and music for the Parthenon.

Here is the Taj Mahal's design, sketched by Trey.

Trey, Patrycja, and Jack S. are starting to build the Taj Mahal.

Morgan, Michael P., and Devin are researching their monument.  Morgan made her own Great Pyramid of Giza and brought it in to class!

We started our community projects last Thursday. They are about finding community problems and fixing them.  Last week we brainstormed all of the problems we see in our communities.  Then each group chose a problem to try to solve.  We hope to help with many different things including protecting endangered animals, finding a way for everyone to be able to have sports equipment, designing nonviolent video games, and raising awareness about the importance of art.  
Ziran, Nathan W., Ben, and Michael K.

Nathan H, Om, and Tyler

Carol, Rhea, Emma, Veronica, and Lorie

Paul, Sean, and Alex Y.

In math we created geometric shapes on a computerized rubber band board.  Then we converted our designs into pdfs.
Nathan W. doing his geometry project.

In LA the class is reading the book WONDER.  It's about a kid with birth defects.  We like that the book is creative and funny.  Emma likes that she always WONDERS what will happen next!

Animal Eye Projects
We voted on the best projects and posted them this week. 

Butterfly Eyes by Patrycja S.

Cuttlefish Eye by Michael P.

Hippo Eyes by Morgan

Chameleon Eyes by Trey

Gecko Eyes by Annie


  1. Great job, Sigma Team! Sounds like you had a fun week. Michael P. - I love your word of the week! I think I'm going to go read Wonder right now!

    Mrs. Delahanty

  2. I love the blog Sigma Team!

    I am an alumna of TMS, and I hope you all have as much fun as I did when I was part of the wolf pack!

    I am studying abroad in Grenoble, France until January (Nathan W., the Chartres Cathedral is an awesome choice for the monuments project)...if any of you have any questions about life in France, don't hesitate to ask!

    -Elyse Jacks (Paul's older sister)

  3. What fantastic opportunities and experiences you are all having. Seeing your blog is now a highlight of our Fridays. Well done!
    ~Mrs. Ronzio

  4. I greatly enjoyed coming in to work with Sigma on the monuments project! I can't wait to come back and work with all you again soon!
    -Mr. Goldstein

  5. Really cool projects and pictures!!! Great blog bloggers.

  6. Very interesting videos!! Some of the pics were so cute!! Great job everyone!! Great job to this week's bloggers, too!!


  7. I can't wait to see how the monuments turn out! It looks like such a fun project!
    Mrs. Barba

  8. Hey Michael P, nice job with the word cantankerous! Very impressive...

    -Your Uncle Brian

  9. Looks like Sigma Team has been hard at work and so creative. I'm impressed. Great work everyone! -Mrs. Gunty

  10. I think that everyone did a great job on their animal eye videos, even though not all of them were posted!

  11. Hey this awesome this week great job guys cant wait to have another fun filled week with all of us-Jackie

  12. The end of the first Hexter is coming up!
    -Alex S

  13. Nice job on the blog and monuments! They both look great!