Friday, September 14, 2012

Weekly Update 9/14/12

This week's bloggers are very funny:  Trey, Jackie, Michael P, Carol and Matt!  Can you find their alien faces?

In Advisory we are making bumper stickers.  They represent the T-wolf pride and Thomas pride. They are very colorful, and we are going to hang them up above the lockers when we are done.  The best ones will be hung up in the office on a big banner!  Some of them say, "Bully free since 1963," "Paw-pride is on your side," "Bully free zone,"  and "TMS Thomas is a bully free zone."  When we are done we will post pictures of our finished bumper stickers.

Charlie and Ben

Jack and Michael K.

Rocco and Annie


Nathan H, Tyler, and Connor

Morgan and Devin


Isabel and William

Emilia, Cecelia, and Keatyn tracing designs

In science Mr. Aho assigned each of us different animals' eyes to study.  We had to go on Google and look up facts about the animal's pupils, whether it could see color or not, and how it could see in different lights.  We learned that some animals can see objects better than others.  Matt learned that the cuttlefish has a "W" shaped pupil and can see better in dim light than in bright light.  Carol learned that the chameleon has eyes that move around really easily, so that gives chameleons really good eyesight.
Jack researching a husky's fantastic eyes.

Isabel learning about the gecko's eyes.

In social studies we each brought in an artifact from home.  An artifact is an object that has cultural or historical significance.  We shared our artifacts with partners who then told the class about what we brought. Our artifacts are important to us and our families for different reasons.
Ziran and Emilia

Lorie and Nathan

Emma and Cecelia 

Carol, Owen, and Nathan

Ben and Matt

Morgan and Devin

Michael P. and Jackie

Henry and Claire

Jack S. and Patrycja

Trey and Sean


Alex Y. and Connor

Jack B. and Rhea

Tyler and Paul 

In science, we studied famous scientists that had something to do with light. This is Isabel as Albert Einstein showing his theory of relativity.

Just can't stop those Sigmaniacs!  Elton, James, Shane, and Kyle from last year's team stopping by after school to help Mrs. Ziegenfuss with a tech project!


  1. This is great! I loved this weeks blog, it was so cool. I cant wait to have another great week with all the fun sigma kids, at Thomas middle school!- Jackie

  2. Nice work! Keep it up!

    Taft Ding

  3. Wow, look like you all did a lot last week!

  4. The blog looks awesome! It was so much fun working on the blog!

  5. Nice blog this week! I can't wait to post! Good job, guys!

  6. I love the pic at the top! I can see all of you!

  7. like the artifact pics. michael

  8. I love all of the pictures of the artifacts. They're so cool!:)

  9. The picture is so funny - Rhea.

  10. Awesome work this week, looks like a lot of fun. Very cool you are learning about technology.

  11. Hey Sigma!! I love this weeks blog!!!

  12. Ilike how the teachers tried to get everyone in the blog.

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