Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekly Update 1/20/12 by Katherine, Lauren, Mick, and David R.

This week's Sigma Community Project update is from the "Bring on the Books" group which is raising money to buy books for Patton's LMC.  This group is made up of Katherine, David R, Mick, and Lauren, former Patton Elementary School students who identified the need for more exciting books for 4th and 5th graders at Patton.  

Katherine, Mick, and David R. holding some of the awesome books we've gathered so far.
(Lauren isn't pictured because she was helping another student during lunch.)

Here's our update:
First we researched about popular books for 4th and 5th graders.  Then we emailed Mrs. Melamed, Patton's LMC director, to tell her about our project and ask her what books she thinks the LMC most needs.  After that, we went to Patton to meet with the principal, Dr. Olsen, and our 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Goumas.  They all agreed to help us with this project.  Our first idea to raise money was through Scholastic book orders.  We sent order forms to all of the sixth grade LA teachers and then we collected the orders and money and submitted the orders online.  We were able to get about 15 books for Patton with the bonus points from our order.  Also, Mrs. Ziegenfuss and Kate donated some books, so we have a total of  30 right now.  

Our next idea is an activity night at Patton on February 3.  We are planning the activities and organizing the night. The money we raise from ticket sales will go to a charity and to our book drive.  Here is the flyer we made for Patton's Friday packet.  We are really excited about our project and can't wait for February 3!

This was our last week of drama. We will miss Ms. Fergus and all of our fun activities!  On Tuesday we were in the audience for the 8th grade improv class's final performances.  We enjoyed making suggestions for their crazy skits.

The Sigma audience on the stage
Luke, George, Paul, Diana, and Colette
8th grade performers from Zeta

In social studies we are learning about early human settlements in Egypt and Canaan.  Everyone is really excited to be learning about Egypt, especially about the pharoahs and mummies.

Kyle, Sammi, and Eddie are attempting to decipher a message,
just as archaeologists did when they discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Lucas and Elton with their "secret message."
Mrs. Ziegenfuss shared the photo album she made of pictures from her trip to Israel. 

Below we are illustrating the physical features of Egypt by pretending to be the Nile River and major seas and deserts.  You can hear the deserts chanting "hot and dry" and see the seas creating waves and the Nile flowing.  
Period 4/5

Period 7/8

Students have been working hard after school and during lunch on perfecting The Chaos Tower.  Here they give a demonstration to the whole team on their efforts.  Pretty cool.  Thanks to Mrs. Katie Maatta for the classroom gift.

In math we took a quiz on negative exponents, and multiplying and dividing exponents.  We are also wrapping up our Roller Coaster projects and will make presentations to our classes next week.

In science we are wrapping up our Smell Unit.  Here students created image podcasts on smell topics of their choice.

The evolution of smell by Nick and Shane

How pregnancy can affect your sense of smell by Kevin, Cici and Mick.

The history of Smell-o-vision by Mili and Gina

Path of Smell by Gina

Path of Smell by Mili

At lunch on Friday we had another technology lunch and learn with Mr. Morse.  He taught us about the electronics in computers and let us watch him repair a Dell computer.

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