Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekly Update 9/30/11 by Gina K., Katherine F., Mick S., Lauren T., & Morgan W.

"Hi, Mom!  We're on the blog!"
Left to right:  Katherine, Lauren, Gina/Morgan, Mick

In Spanish, Lauren took pictures of us playing a number game and Tortilla-Burrito-Taco!

Below are zoo logos created by  Seven Super Sigma Artists! 
By Mili M.
By Kate A.
By Elton M.
By Lauren T.
By Josh M.
By Jake S.
By Samson M.

These are videos of us singing chants in Chinese.  We made up the hand gestures.

Sammy & Kate

Morgan & Mili

Elton, Nicholas, & Shane

Morgan making the Chinese character for the" moon"/"month."

Kate making characters for "moon" and "heart."

David making the Chinese character for "big" (after he hurt his leg in PE) :(

We created these masterpieces out of only recyclables in social studies to represent 7 important monuments of the world:  The Taj Majal, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, 
The Colosseum, The Parthenon, 
The Great Wall of China, Chartres Cathedral, and The Great Pyramid of Giza.  
Can you recognize them?

Period 3/4 above
Period 7/8 below

We went to the LMC to check out books and to learn about
 using different search engines for researching on the internet.
Jake and Kevin practicing their Googledocs skills.

Mr. Juskiewicz helped us learn about and practice using googledocs and logging onto the server.
He also helped us sign up for our Edmodo accounts.

Math Absolute Value Videos

Andrew, Shane and David

Lauren and Katherine

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