Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekly Update 9/23/11 by CC K., Josh M., Stephen M., and Elton M.

Sigma Team Blog Writers for this week!
Clockwise from upper left:  Josh,  Elton, CC, Stephen 

Mrs. Rabbat and Mr. Hillmer talking to us about achieving our goals.

Mr. Kaye rode his unicycle before the assembly!

In Advisory Matt Wilhelm showed off his wicked BMX bike stunts
and taught us about finding your talent and dealing with bullies.
Here Mili was chosen to try a stunt. 

In art, we made zoo logos using Adobe Fireworks.
Here Mr. Damico is demonstrating tools using Kevin's crazy monkey as an example.
In literature we presented our reader's workshop slideshows and movies.

In science we measured light intensity all over the building.

In social studies we are building important monuments from all over the world,
using only recyclables.  Later in the year we will be the class experts on the monument and culture we studied.

Here our groups are brainstorming and talking about problems in the
community of Arlington Heights so we can help solve them.


  1. Sigma- I enjoyed talking with you during your brainstorming. I'm looking forward to watching you tackle the problems you found!

    Mrs. Bingaman

  2. Great Blog this week guys!

  3. Middle school has always been fun, but it looks like it is a lot more fun than a few years ago.
    Keep learning and enjoying your team.