Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekly Update 3/15/13

Our bloggers celebrating π Day
 Thursday, 3-14-13!
Front:  Rhea, Keatyn, Tyler
Back:  Cassy, Alex S, Emilia, Isabel (The banner says "Happy π Day!")

Science:  Rocks and Minerals
In science we are learning about rocks. There are 3 groups of rocks: igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. We have a list of activities each with points.  We can choose any projects from the list that add up to 100 points. 

Here is Tyler's list with the projects he's going to do.

This is an obsidian rock that Mrs. House let Michael P., Colin, and Nathan H. borrow for their video on rocks and minerals.

Social Studies:  China World Watcher Notes
We went on our ScoopIt website and read news articles about what's happening in China today.  Then we posted on our blog about what we read.   The next unit in the book is about Ancient Greece, and we will also be reading Greek myths in LA!

Alex Y. reading about current events in China

Rhea  using her tablet

LA:  Poetry Unit
In LA, we are working on our poetry unit. We are learning different poetic terms like repetition which is words or phrases that are repeated in a poem, and rhyme and rhythm patterns. We are learning much more, but it would take hours to explain. We are also reading poems from the literature books and evaluating them in our packets.

In Langston Hughes's poem "Mother to Son," the mother talks about her life not being a crystal stair, so the 7/8 block went to the staircase to look at the landing and think about what the mother meant. 

Daily Grammar Practice
In DGP we correct bad grammar in sample sentences, including periods, commas, etc. Then we label all of the parts of speech and decide what type of sentence it is.  The last thing we do is graph the sentences so we know how the sentence is formed.  Now that we know all of the parts of speech really well, we can graph complicated sentences like the one below.
William went out into the hall to try to graph the sentence by himself without help from the class. He got most of it right!

∑igma Celebrations!
Happy Pi day!!!!
Thursday, March 14, 2013

A parody of the actual video below for pi day.

A pie flavored pie.

Jack got to keep the wood puzzle pieces after the puzzle cube that he learned to solve broke.

Our book drive to benefit Bernie's Book Bank, which provides book to needy children.
Claire, Annie, Cecelia, and Carol helping organize the donated books!

We brought in lots of books for our book drive!!!!

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