Friday, December 16, 2011

Weekly Update 12/16/11: Happy Holidays!

Sigma had a busy week leading up to winter break!

In social studies we wrapped up our study of Mesopotamia by making cunieform clay amulets.  We used a Sumerian "alphabet" to create messages with ideas that are important  to us and then we exchanged with our classmates to decode them. 

Period 4/5 displaying their amulets
Period 7/8
David R's amulet says "HAPPY."
Andrew's amulet says "SIGMA."

On Tuesday Elton and Stephen represented Sigma at our all-school spelling bee.
We were very proud of their great effort against some tough competition!



The highlight of the week was our field trip on Tuesday to the Futabakai Japanese School to complete the second half of our exchange.  We were amazed by all the time and effort that our Futabakai friends put into planning such an exciting day!  Our activities included a welcome ceremony, a tour of the school, an elaborate Japanese festival in the gym, three-legged races, lunch & origami, and card-making.  Below are lots of pictures from our day.

We were so impressed by our day and will never forget it!  

Lauren and Anna decided to get in one last relatively warm day of outdoor PE
by running laps around the softball fields.
It was just the two of them and a whole flock of geese!
After lots of trial and error over two days, Elton persevered and discovered how to construct the elusive quadruple origami crane out of a single sheet of paper like one we saw at Futabakai.  Impressive feat, Elton!

Thursday was Nicholas's birthday, so Ms. Fergus led us in an opera-style version of 
"Happy Birthday" during drama.

On Friday, we attempted out own versions of the famous "Cobble's Knot" from Maniac Magee.   We learned how to tie different types of knots and challenged each other to untie our own complicated knots.  Below are some of our creations:

 Kevin with "Butter Knot."
Jasmine, Kate, Lucas, Hannah, and David R. 
Jasmine and Kate with "Wobblyside." 
Anna and Mili with "Ruffle Knot." 

In science we looked at states of matter.  Oobleck.  Is it a solid or a liquid?

Katherine's penny experiment.  Pennies soaked in vinegar.  Success?

Lucas demonstrating how fat molecules break apart when a base such as dishwasher liquid is added.

James demonstrating during our "Tech Tips" session.

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and a very Happy New Year!!!

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